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Dallas Classic Entry Eligibility

Dallas Classic
200 E Stacy Rd #1350, Allen, TX 75002

Registration Deadline: 06/06/2022 at 11:59pm ET
Late Registration Deadline: 06/12/2022 at 11:59pm ET + $50 Late Fee
Entries will be limited, so register early as LOC reserves the right to close entries early if max capacity is
reached. Entries are accepted via EMS with credit card only. Each transaction is subject to a 3% credit card

1. Go to
2. Enter your U.S. Figure Skating or Learn to Skate Member number and password
a. If you need assistance with your member number and password, contact Member Services at

3. Click the blue EMS button then “Competition Registration”
4. Choose “Dallas Cannon Classic” from the list of competitions.
a. If you need assistance completing your registration, contact

Non-U.S. skaters intending to register for this competition must set up a non-member account prior to
registering for the competition (click here for HOW TO). This can be done by choosing the “Non-Member?
Create Account” option on the Members Only login page.

Only one partner will complete registration for the team in EMS. During the registration process, you will be
asked to identify your partner and verify their test information. The registering partner will be responsible for
managing all aspects of the competition for the team including music/PPC upload, practice ice sales, etc.


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